Automatic Shrink Hose Reel

Automatic Shrink Hose Reel


Automatic Shrink Hose Reel


Welcome to use automatic shrink hose reel

       The automatic shrink reel is made from a range of high quality materials, including a powerful spring structure that automatically recovers the water pipe, a high quality hose that has been tested by our company for stringent pressure testing.
       The hose reel has an easy-to-use, free-locking system to ensure that the hose remains in its original position when you are watering, and a seat that can be rotated 180 degrees. This product can be used for many years if installed and used properly.

1* spring-loaded automatic shrink reel with 2m water inlet hose
1* Unique orange water gun set, including:
1*without water stop connector (inlet pipe)
1*water stop connector (outlet pipe)
1*direct water gun
1*faucet connector
1*universal connector
1* mount and screw set, including:
4*self-tapping screws
4*expansion bolt
1*instruction manual

List of items contained in the package:

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