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  • Name: PVC polyurethane steel wire flexible hose
  • NO.: 005
  • Time: 2017-04-21
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This product is processed through special polyurethane with built-in spiral steel wire and has such advantages as resistance to abrasion (2 to 2.5 times that rubber; 3 to 4 times softer than PVC), to aging and tear. High transparency allows it to observe the process suction, discharge and transporting. It also has such performance as light weight, good flexibility and rebound resilience, and low temperature compressibility and has super high strength and super-long service life.

It is applicable to dust extraction device, industrial vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, ventilation technology, food, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering, such as solid chitin (dust, powder, fiber fragment, particulate matter), and the transport system for gas and liquid media (oil vapor, welding fume, ventilating device).